Heading into 2016

Heading into 2016

Jan 5, 2016. | By:

2016 can and will be an all-star year. 2015 wasn’t a terrible year; I learned a lot, met lots of great people, and explored connections, but it wasn’t everything I had hoped for it to be. But 2016, is just in its beginning days, and I can feel it in my bones that it is going to be great.

do something <!--more--> I want to get more involved in the amazing community that is CreativeMornings, pretty easy. HQ is quaint, I’m friends with them all; more than anything I love it immensely.

I want to get out of this under-whelming, under-paying, factory-esque print shop job. At one time, working in a print shop was a dream job of mine...or so I thought. This turns out to be not 100% true. Under different circumstances, it would be the most ideal position for me, but currently it’s not. I want to do something that engages people more, something with a little social responsibility. So, if you know anyone looking for someone with chops in the customer service & community engagement area, let me know.

If you’ve ever traveled to any place ever, business or otherwise, you know how exciting and nerve wracking it can be. I love traveling to places, new and old. Waiting in the airports, flying on planes, traveling across the land...there’s not a single part of traveling that I dislike. This year I want to get my passport (!!) so I can be more prepared for any opportunities to leave the states. I want to book more spontaneous adventures, and worry less about “what if’s.” This will be the year of YES.

I’d like to start doing something more regularly, daily or weekly. Last year, my roommate and I did the gym thing, and the #100dayproject. Ultimately, both of those worked out...sort of. I made it 20-ish days into the 100 Day Project, and 4 months-ish into going to the gym. I’ve always been a huge fan of youtubers and filmmakers Jack Harries, Casey Neistat, Hannah Hart and Philip DeFranco. I love the opportunity that videos give to creators. So let's look out for some weekly, or bi-weekly vids, content variable.


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