The beginning of something new

The beginning of something new

Jan 29, 2015. | By:

About a month ago, I moved my site from being hand-built with HTML and CSS to Siteleaf.<!--more--> In doing so, it allows me to focus on keeping my portfolio up-to-date, and on the side I can blog about design, books, and printmaking.
Siteleaf is a light-weight, easy to use CMS, and even though it handles all new page creation I still get to fiddle with HTML and CSS to keep everything looking spiffy. So far, I'm in love. I can add 'posts' and subpages to any primary page with ease and Siteleaf handles everything else.

No longer now do I need to use an FTP Client to update and add pages. For me, that's kind of the best part.

Look for better, more interesting posts in the coming days/weeks.



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