Books with Nervous Systems, Sliding Glass houses, and Giant Ampersands

Books with Nervous Systems, Sliding Glass houses, and Giant Ampersands

Mar 3, 2015. | By:

March has begun!

Spring is in the air...or at least what I thought was spring. The skies are still producing white powder, and I'm not upset about it. Days like these recently mean I can open the shades and enjoy the sunlight in the dining room while watching the snow fall.

I also had time to poke around the internet for cool things.

Books with Nervous Systems carved into them by Barbara Wildenboer

Barbara Wildenboer <!--more--> "Barbara Wildenboer produces sculptures pieced together from delicately cut books, thin strips of paper splaying out from each book’s spine. Wildenboer’s found books are often ones containing maps, atlases, and scientific subject matter, sometimes using images from the book as central elements to her pieces. Imagery, words, and sentences become components of the larger designs, as she crafts new visual narratives from the raw material." Read More... Barbara Wildenboer Barbara Wildenboer

Sliding Glass House by dRMM

Sliding Glass House

"Appearing as an oversized red barn, architecture and design studio dRMM‘s Sliding House has a much more complex facade than its doppleganger’s A-frame design. The project encompasses three separate buildings (house, garage, and guest annex), and was built with the intention for the owners to grow food, entertain, and enjoy the landscape from the structure. Each segment of the Suffolk, England property is connected by a 20 ton, motor-driven enclosure which slides up and down the buildings to create constantly changing coverage for the home, and exposes open-air living areas." Read More... sliding glass house

Chalk Ampersand by Tommaso Guerra

Guerra AmpersandGuerra Ampersand "With a strong background in fine art, graphic design, interior design, and typography, Rome-based Tommaso Guerra is a good person to call if you need, well, anything. One of his greatest talents is lettering with chalk. Guerra has been commissioned to draw impeccable signs for restaurants and business around the world, as well as public pieces like this decorative ampersand right on the sidewalk."



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