Kids will Take a Chance

Kids will Take a Chance

Jul 12, 2015. | By:

TED ©2008 Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? <!--more-->

This TED talk is one of my absolute favorites. The first time I watched, it shed so much light about the state of the US education system, and education all over the world. This video really provided a springboard for my own thoughts about American Education, how I was educated, and how my siblings have been/are being educated.

In the last 5 years, we have all witnessed the marvel of education that is 'The Common Core' standards of education. I watched as these standards trickled their way up from primary education into secondary education. But before that occurred, I also watched as the, then current, education system fell apart. Ushered forth by President Bush's education act of 'No Child Left Behind,' school districts all over the country were being strong armed into spending extra resources to get children from one grade to the next, or inflating the grading. Standardized testing also played a huge role in this decomposition of education, in which schools and their districts were judged by the scores their students produced.

I wonder still, what is the quality of education my youngest brother and sister are receiving. Are they fully comprehending what they are being taught, and are their little thought chambers being stimulated to think critically and be curious about everything. Being so far away makes it hard to criticize their education, but I worry about it often.


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