Innovators to Educators

INNOVATORS TO EDUCATORS was done in collaboration with another designer, Melissa Green, for the Creative Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization that mobilizes leaders in the field of creative theory and practice.

As part of their new mission to “engage and develop the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers,” the Creative Education Foundation (CEF) held a two day event to bring together innovators and educators. The ultimate goals of the event were to help teachers be more creative as well as provide them with strategies to help cultivate creative thinking skills in their students.

After talking with CEF leaders, we understood that they wanted something unique and eye-catching to market and promote this new event. We were tasked with developing a logo and identity system that they would be able to implement in-house to create materials like name tags, folder labels, presentations, and the event website. We provided them with a style guide to help them maintain consistency across all of these applications.


Black & White Logo

In the development of the logo, the goal was to convey the confluence of innovation education formally, while also creating a dynamic, recognizable contour.

Color scheme with HEX codes and RGB values

Color scheme with HEX codes and RGB values

Typefaces and usage guide

Typefaces and usage guide

Two color logo options

Two color logo options.

Working on this project was an interesting experience for me, primarily because it was done entirely remotely, something I hadn't done before. Melissa was in New York, I was in Tennessee, and our contacts at CEF were in Massachusetts and one was in the Netherlands. Melissa and I made it work, with countless hours spent communicating over Skype, exchanging notes over Google docs, and working the hell out of our Dropbox accounts.

Being fresh out of undergrad, there was a lot for me to learn about client interactions, designing remotely, and the importance of giving honest, direct feedback. At the outset of the project, I was very hesitant to say very much on our calls with CEF. Part of this stemmed from not really knowing how I should articulate what I was thinking, and the other part was being unsure entirely. I learned that what I was thinking didn't matter much if I couldn't articulate my thoughts into words.

At the close of the project, the client was very satisfied with what we had created. CEF brought together 13 innovators with hundreds of attendees to uncover what today's educators could do to best develop the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers.


Front of flyer

Front of flyer

Back of flyer

Back of flyer

logo application sample

Project Details

Date: Jan 31, 2015

Author: Joshua Orr

Categories: graphic designidentity

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