I am a creature of habit – someone who has a system for most repeated tasks I do, as well as living. For most of my life, I shared most all that I had and what I was given. Because of that, I grew accustomed to not having, not solely owning, always sharing. Since departing home to go to school, I’ve struggled with a transition from sharing to sole proprietor. Though I enjoy being on my own, and having my own things; I still have an unsettled feeling that what I have isn’t mine;everything is temporary. My present work is about my understanding of what ismine, and what is momentary.

Discontentment documents my internal struggles to understand what home is, and what it means to have a home. I explore my unsettled insecurities of claiming any house as my home, though there seems to be no solid merit of permanence and security.
Completed Fall 2011

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