Skate Spot 
Once upon a time I used to push my way around New York City. But one day I caught a rock on a road in the lower east side, scraped my legs up, destroyed a pair of pants, and began to think about what happened and how this could've been avoided. 
"Crowdsourced information" I thought to myself. Thus Skate Spot was conceived.
Most streets aren't intended for skaters, barely intended for bikers, and side walks are a no-go. Having to maneuver around traffic on narrow roads and avoiding large holes and debris was at times a challenging endeavor. 
I wanted an App that could crowd source specific information for all skaters. 
Invision Prototype

InVision Prototype

Skate Spot is an app concept geared toward skateboarders. The main goal of the app is to help skaters quickly locate skate spots in a new city, or find new spots in a current city. The app is intended to show what parks are within a given area, what places are safe to skate in, leave comments about parks and areas for other skaters, as well as report on road hazards that could injure others. 

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