an image of overlapping and repeating doughnuts with pastel colored frosting and a pastel pink background. The foreground has brush lettering that reads 'DONUT kill my VIBE'

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A grayscale image of various types of doughnut shapes.  among those are a three-quarter view eclair, a profile and top view of a traditional doughnut, and two three-quarter views of traditional doughnuts, one with frosting, one without.

refined doughnut shapes

I started with some doughnut drawings on paper, and turned them into vector shapes with Adobe Capture. 
Then I opened them in Illustrator to clean-up and refine the line work.
From there, I added some candy-like colors to evoke the frosted pastries we know and love to hate. 
aforementioned doughnuts overlapping, in varying views. some three-quarters view. some top down. some profile. pastel pink and blue icing.

revised doughnut pattern with colors

selection of aforementioned finished doughnut pattern. pastel pink background. varying views of doughnuts, including eclairs. icing in pastel green, blue, pink, and yellow.

finished doughnut pattern with enticing pastel colored frosting

Lastly, I turned them into a usable vector pattern with Illustrator. The resulting pattern was used to create a wallpaper for mobile devices and content for web.

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